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Motorized Skylight Roller Blinds
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Having skylight windows is a beautiful feature to a home or condo. However, sometimes it adds extra heat and light that you at times would like to cover for extra comfort. Traditionally, skylights are covered with either a Honeycomb shade or a Venetian blind. But what if you want a blind that is more modern looking, well now at Condo Blinds you can cover those skylight windows with a featured roller blind system that will work on a 180 degree angle. This is pretty much unheard of anywhere else but Condo Blinds made it happen.

Want something even more exclusive then get these blinds motorized with a quiet Somfy motor system. This system will wow your family and friends and best of all you wont have to use an extended pole or crank to stand there winding it open and closed; rather you can simply push a button.

If you have skylight windows that require covering contact Condo Blinds and we will be happy to assist you.

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